Microhardness Testing

Hardness Testing

Hardness Testing

Nadcap Accredited for Rockwell Hardness Testing

Hardness testing is performed to determine a material’s resistance to plastic (permanent) deformation, and is generally useful in realizing a material’s response to a heat treatment process.聽 A hardness test does leave a permanent mark on the test sample.聽 The affected area is usually small enough to be of no concern, however, a hardness test is still classified as a destructive test.聽 Therefore, finished machined parts could be damaged due to this test.聽 In cases such as these, the customer should either mark non-critical areas or supply test pieces that represent the finished part material heat lot and geometry.


Unique Capabilities

  • ASTM E18 Compliant
  • Nadcap accreditation for Rockwell Hardness Testing


Hardness Testing Methods

  • Rockwell Hardness Test
  • Vickers Micro-Hardness Test
  • Knoop Micro-Hardness Test
  • Brinell Hardness Test