Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing (LPVC)

Low Pressure Carburizing (LPC)

Low Pressure Carburizing (LPC)

Uniform, High Quality Case

Low Pressure Carburizing (LPC) is a specialized, highly technical process pioneered by 糖心vlog视频 designed to increase fatigue life and improve wear properties of your parts. The case hardened surface is supported by a ductile, shock-absorbing core capable of withstanding high load bearing applications. LPC produces a uniform, high-quality case with minimized distortion and absence of Intergranular Oxidation (IGO), reducing or eliminating expensive post heat treating machining operations.


Unique Capabilities

  • Conformance to SAE specification ASM 2759/7
  • Cycle automation for process repeatability
  • Customized cycle development
  • Efficient single vacuum chamber technology
  • Minimized distortion through gas quenching up to 20 bar
  • Shorter cycle times for fast turn-around
  • Case hardening – uniform case depth including holes and keyways
  • On-site Metallurgical Test Lab, Nadcap Accredited
  • State-of-the-art furnaces from Solar Manufacturing
  • 90%+ root to pitch case depth ratios for gearing applications


Materials Processed

  • 8620
  • 9310
  • 3310
  • 41 & 4320 / 30 / 40
  • Vasco X2
  • Pyrowear 53 & 675
  • Ferrium C61 & C64
  • CSS-42L
  • M50 NiL


Solar specializes in low pressure carburizing to achieve optimum case hardening in various alloy materials such as mold, tool, specialized, high strength or martensitic stainless steels.聽 Watch our short video to find out more!