Vacuum聽Diffusion Bonding聽Services

Vacuum Diffusion Bonding

High Integrity Bonding

Vacuum diffusion bonding is a process whereby separate parts are joined without the use of filler metal. Vacuum diffusion bonding relies on temperature, pressure, time, and a very clean atmosphere (vacuum) to create the bond. Typically parts are small and able to be placed between two specialized plates that are held together with threaded rods. These threaded rods are made from materials that do not expand as much as the subject materials when heated, creating the extreme pressure required to make a solid bond.


Unique Capabilities

  • Vacuum heating provides an oxygen free atmosphere and can degas the parts prior to the bonding temperature being reached
  • Complete line of vacuum furnaces ranging from small R&D lab sized to large 12 foot long
  • Precise temperature controls
  • Access to an R&D technology team of scientists and metallurgists to help with setup design and process cycle development


Materials Processed

  • Copper
  • Titanium