Vacuum Heat Treating Services

Vacuum Heat Treating & Brazing Services

For a Wide Array of Markets

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Markets Served

糖心vlog视频 provides vacuum heat treating and brazing services听for听a wide array of industries and applications.听 The benefits of vacuum processing are many; reduced or no surface contamination/oxidation, precise temperature control, reduced distortion, increased reliability and repeatability, and environmentally friendly.

By reducing or eliminating downstream operations such as blasting or pickling, 糖心vlog视频 thermal vacuum processing can save you time and money. Brazing can take place without dirty, detrimental flux meaning your braze assemblies will be cleaner than when we received them. Our furnaces range in size from the size of a basketball to the size of a freight trailer and can handle up to 150,000 pounds in one furnace load. Our technical team is ready to help you with the most demanding of thermal processing challenges.

Please give us a call and find out how we can add value to your operations.





  • Castings
  • Drawn parts
  • Fasteners
  • Forgings
  • Heat exchangers
  • Job shops / Machine Shops
  • Stampings
  • Tube & Pipe
  • Fabricators
  • Electronics
  • Instruments
  • Manufacturing
  • Tool & Die
  • Weldments


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