Metallurgical Testing

Metallurgical Testing

Metallurgical Testing

Value-added, Metallurgical Support

The Eastern Pennsylvania facility’s newly equipped metallurgical testing laboratory provides a value-added resource for 糖心vlog视频鈥 customers鈥 advantage.聽 Comprehensive microhardness testing and microstructural analysis are available with complete documentation, including high quality photomicrographs in a report format.聽 Testing is available as part of certifying orders to specified requirements, as part of an R&D Engineering function, or as a discovery need pertaining to the relationship between manufacturing and heat treatment processing.


Unique Capabilities

  • Nadcap accredited laboratory for microhardness testing and surface contamination evaluations
  • Two degreed metallurgical engineers on staff with two internally, highly trained engineers and two technicians
  • New advanced equipment and instruments for the best quality results



Hermitage Nadcap Metallurgical Laboratory

Hermitage Facility Nadcap Accredited Metallurgical Laboratory

  • General microstructural evaluations
  • Microhardness testing (Vickers and Knoop with associated loads)
  • Surface Contamination Testing
  • Testing for Intergranular Oxidation and Intergranular Attack
  • Grain Size Determination